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Online Admission for V to IX and XI

Result 2023-2024

The final result of the academic year is declared on the basis of the general progress of the pupils. The records of internal assessments, monthly tests, terminal examinations and annual examination will be taken into account at the time of result evaluation and promotion. Promotion to the next class is decided on the aggregate of 50 % in all the termly examinations including the annual examination.

The following requirements are compulsory for the promotion of a student.

  • *   89.5% of attendance
  • *   80% marks in continuous assessment progress (ie. Internal Assessment, Mid-Term and Terminal Examinations)
  • *   50% marks in the Annual Examination
  • *   General progress in campus behaviour
  • *   Staff evaluation report.
  • *   Students who avail medical leave for genuine reasons during the examinations may be considered for the promotion if their progress has been satisfactory though out the academic year.